Healthy lifestyle during summer

OverviewSummer is the warm season of entertainment and holidays. Unfortunately, during this period there are many cases of binge eating and other habits not very healthy.Here are some general recommendations for this season, in order to eat … [Read more...]

Ten Tips For Better Breast Health

Here’s an odd reality; women pay more attention to their breasts than men do, and think about them more also. Of course, a woman’s point of view is different than a man’s in thinking about breasts. For women, there are 3 things that rise above all … [Read more...]

7 ways to protect your eye health

OverviewTo protect your sight, experts propose to introduce in your daily routine habits that will help maintain eye health.Besides these habits, it is important that any person should consult his / her ophthalmologist at least once every two … [Read more...]

Signs and symptoms – meanings

1. OverviewAmong the most common body signals are stress, pain, hunger, fatigue, high blood sugar and weight gain. When a person is stressed, must try to relax, because after prolonged stress body responds by anxiety, insomnia, ulcers, chronic … [Read more...]

First aid for cuts and other minor wounds


Even though cuts, bruises and scratches are classified as superficial wounds, we should not neglect treating them as we can get ourselves some serious infections that will only complicate something that seemed to be so minor.Cuts are more frequent … [Read more...]

Why do people have hair on the body?

OverviewMaintenance of body hair can be quite uncomfortable, especially in summer, considering that you must devote time to this process. When adding up the time spent by men to remove facial hair throughout life, we achieve a period of one month, … [Read more...]

Everyday enemies of memory and attention

OverviewMemory is the database that is called when we need help, while learning ability helps us to accumulate increasingly more useful and necessary information. However, these processes that are done using brain functions are less efficient in … [Read more...]

5 tips on how to protect the “light of your eyes”


Seeing is one of the most precious gifts humans could ever receive at birth. Our eyes and sight being so fragile need to be protected and cared for in order to remain healthy. Here are a few things you should consider if you want to maintain a … [Read more...]

Intestinal peristalsis and magnesium

OverviewSpontaneous peristaltic movements of the stomach are used in digestion, which helps move food through the stomach and through the pyloric sphincter to the duodenum.This process is mentioned as intestinal motility. Excessive gastric … [Read more...]

4 ways to stay fit during holidays

If you are like many people in North America, Europe, and other places, you are concerned about gaining too much weight during the Christmas holiday season. You can eat some things and enjoy yourself during the holidays and still avoid becoming a … [Read more...]