Top Causes of Age Spots


Seeing brown spots in your face can be a psychologically and socially concerning. Our face is our outward reflection, the appearance which the public sees. Everyone can have first impressions based on one’s appearance and how one carries himself or … [Read more...]

Brown Spots – How To Stop Them?


Have you noticed brown spots starting to develop on your face? I understand it might be very frustrating and disheartening to see such features starting to appear. Perhaps the only thing you could wish for is turn back time and go to the years when … [Read more...]

Brown Skin Discoloration


Many people do tan—most especially during the summer because it gives people a complexion which is very apt with the climate. Tanning can be done either naturally, by sunbathing or through tanning clinics or equipments. The thing is, when one tans, … [Read more...]

How To Treat Brown Spots on Face?


A brown spot on the face—a beauty mark? Definitely not! This is entirely different from freckles. Yes, it is true that freckles are usually referred to as beauty marks, owing to the Latinos and Latinas, or blondies who have a lot of freckles in their … [Read more...]

Stay Away Brown Spots!


Our face is our outward appearance to the public. It is the part of our body where most of our vanity reflects into… and there is nothing wrong with that! A pleasant face can bring a lot of positive things—although many will tell that beauty emanates … [Read more...]