What Is Herpes Cold Sore?


Herpes cold sore is a disaster! Whether you are at school, work, going out with some friends, or even simply going out to do some groceries and shopping—a herpes cold sore will leave you without any face to present to the public, most especially if … [Read more...]

When is time to consult a doctor for a cold?

OverviewOrdinary colds usually disappear in a week or two, but if symptoms persist or worsen, your doctor should be consulted.Colds are very contagious viral infection of the nose and throat. Most people know how annoying can be, especially when … [Read more...]

What Is A Cold Sore On The Mouth


Cold sore is a very annoying condition. Apart from the fact that it causes pain and discomfort to  the affected  area,  it  also  appears  in  the  most  delicate  and  taken-care-of  parts  of  our  face especially the lips, nose, mouth, eyelids and … [Read more...]

Cold season problems

1. OverviewThere are diseases that shows so close correlations with the season, that the season should be taken into account in terms of diagnosis. Thus we can talk about respiratory infections that worsen more seriously in winter compared to … [Read more...]

What To Do With A Cold Sore in the Nose?


Nobody would want to experience having a cold sore in the nose—let alone a cold sore in any part of the body, especially in the face. What makes cold sore in the nose so annoying is that apart from the pain it may cause you, cold sores can also be … [Read more...]

Are Cold Sore Creams Effective?


Cold sores are caused by viruses that may have infected us at an earlier point. We may have taken these viruses when we were young or when we have contracted other viral diseases. These viruses are called herpes simplex I viruses. These viruses dwell … [Read more...]