8 ways to keep your mouth healthy

OverviewTo have a healthy life, it is necessary to take care of mouth and mouth surrounding areas. It is important to note that many dangerous situations can occur if you don’t take care of your mouth.The question is how to protect the mouth and … [Read more...]

14 mistakes related to oral hygiene

OverviewBrushing teeth is a habit so common that few people stop to think about this activity.Just as with any other habit, you become careless, and this can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.Here are some of the most common mistakes in oral … [Read more...]

Ultraconservative dental restoration

OverviewEnamel and dentin are still the best dental materials at this time. Therefore, minimally invasive techniques that preserve much of the healthy tooth structure must be preferred.Minimally invasive techniques are beneficial in terms of the … [Read more...]

Top 5 dental problems

OverviewBrushing your teeth regularly, daily flossing, healthy diet, regular control of your teeth are among the most effective methods of preventing dental problems.However, despite these preventive measures, there are a number of dental … [Read more...]

Dental radiology – a choice that shows no health risks

OverviewDental radiography is a picture of the teeth and jaws, obtained by exposure to X-ray. Dental radiographs, essential element of dental diagnosis are performed in order to identify certain details undetectable during a normal examination, … [Read more...]

Orthodontics in adults

1. OverviewOrthodontic treatment can be carried out successfully at any age. In recent years there has been an increase in adult patients. In fact, today, two out of five patients are adults. Tissues involved in tooth movement are the same in … [Read more...]

Dental whitening

1. OverviewIf you are unhappy with your smile (in terms of coloring) or you want a bright smile at an event where you are or would like to be the center of attention, there are many procedures and methods to whiten teeth for aesthetic … [Read more...]

Dental sensitivity

OverviewDental sensitivity is the discomfort, pain in many situations that occur in one or more teeth in contact with cold, warm or sweet drinks or foods, when brushing or chewing.This is a problem that affects the population in a large … [Read more...]

Dental absc

Abscess tooth is forming a bag of pus inside the tooth or gums caused by a bacterial infection. Bacteria from a cavity can spread to the gums, cheeks, neck and tongue, forming an abscess. As the pus accumulates, pain, and draining the abscess erupts … [Read more...]