Sugar busters diet: useful information

OverviewDiet focuses on eating low-carb and wanted to be a diet that could be maintained as a lifestyle, not just a quick alternative to reduce the number of kilograms.The glycemic index is used as a reference for this diet, to determine if … [Read more...]

O2 diet

OverviewO2 diet was created as an antioxidant diet which results in weight loss, fostering a sense of whole-body health and encouraging beauty maintenance.O2 diet recommended foods include fruits and vegetables like mango, pomegranate, papaya, … [Read more...]

Why diets do not work?

OverviewBefore choosing a different weight loss regimen, you should know that 90% of those who follow different diets for weight loss can regain all or even part of the lost weight within five years.Obviously, diet is not a permanent solution to … [Read more...]

Tofu – a great source of protein, iron and vitamin B

OverviewTofu contains soybeans and is a good source of protein, low in calories but rich in iron.Tofu has a flavor that few people feel the need to improve to make it a more tasteful food.Children agree tofu, as it is soft enough to be eaten … [Read more...]

Healthy foods that help you gain weight

OverviewWeight is an important factor for anyone who wants a beautiful silhouette and the silhouette certainly will not be perfect, if not weight will be in accordance with the needs of a person.It is essential that every person to enjoy the … [Read more...]

5 diets that do not work

1. OverviewFood is essential for life and is vital to the happiness and well-being of a person. Family dinners, meals taken with friends or colleagues at work are an opportunity for socialization, communication and closeness.To lose weight or to … [Read more...]

Spring detoxification diet

OverviewThe spring arrival the perfect moment for you to clean and detoxify your body, to optimize digestion and to start a diet that allows weight loss and energy levels increasing.This article presents the ways in which the body will be … [Read more...]

Spring diet for skin beauty

OverviewIf your skin needs to be refreshed, first try to enjoy certain foods that can do this before you spend money on expensive makeup and skin care products.Skin can look tired and dehydrated if you have a well-balanced diet and not drinking … [Read more...]

27 ideas for a tasty and healthy breakfast

OverviewWhen you wake up in the morning, you desire to serve a tasty and healthy breakfast? An old adage says to eat breakfast like a king and dinner like a begging. The truth is that most people do not eat a proper breakfast and in any case a … [Read more...]

Turkey versus chicken: nutritional benefits

OverviewMany people probably already know that it is important to decrease the amount of red meat, to supplement the amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet.An equally important role is played by fish and seafood, for the body to benefit … [Read more...]