Asian Food Pyramid


Asian food pyramid reflects the traditional diet, based on foods of plant origin, followed by the inhabitants of Asia and is currently enjoying the support of many experts. Recent studies show that people who follow the traditional Asian diet, have a … [Read more...]

Food Pyramid – Guide to a Healthy Diet

Dairy, meat, vegetables and fruits are no longer the four basic food groups. A healthy diet now includes a wide range of options: whole grains, vegetables, seeds and nuts, fish and even vegetable oils, like olive oil. Add ethnic, religious, cultural … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Food Pyramid


Basic foods are of plant origin - fruits and vegetables, potatoes, cereals and bread, beans, seeds, nuts.Raw foods are preferred, and they are recommended fresh and locally grown - in order to avoid destroying the beneficial micronutrients and … [Read more...]

Food Guide Pyramid for Children


Children's food pyramid is a nutrition guide designed to assist parents in choosing healthy foods for children aged between 2 and 6 years It is designed to promote healthy eating habits, to be followed for life.The pyramid contains five main … [Read more...]

Vegetarian Food Pyramid


Worldwide studies show that vegetarians enjoy the highest life expectancy and that chronic disease incidence is low in this category.Vegetarian pyramid is a great help in the correct combination of basic foodstuffs, cereals and vegetables, to … [Read more...]