Facts about food cravings

OverviewIf you are craving to eat a large, fluffy and warm piece of bread is not your body lacks grain.Food cravings do not have much in common with the need of nutrients, but a link between chemicals in the brain that trigger feeling pleasure … [Read more...]

Goji fruits

OverviewGoji berries grow on as evergreen shrub found in temperate and subtropical regions of China, Mongolia, Tibet and Himalayas; it is a plant included in Solonaceae family.They are shriveled red berries that look like red raisins are usually … [Read more...]

Nutrients found in different types of milk

OverviewMost people know that milk contains calcium which helps to strengthen bones, but all milk types have the same effects on the body?There are many views and all are different. What is soy milk? Does it have the same health benefits as cow's … [Read more...]

The health benefits of barley

OverviewBarley is a type of whole grains rich in fiber and protein that offers many health benefits to those who consume it.Boiled barley has a delicious nutty flavor and a coated texture. In addition, barley is an excellent source of … [Read more...]

Cravings and healthy eating in pregnancy

OverviewFemale body suffers drastic hormonal changes during pregnancy. Many of these trigger symptoms such as fever or unusual food cravings for foods high in fat.Can be difficult to resist these cravings and often pregnant women consume not only … [Read more...]

Healthy fats for heart

1. OverviewFor years, nutritionists and doctors support the benefits of a diet low in fat. They said that reducing the amount of fat that people consume is the secret for weight loss, cholesterol lowering and prevent many health problems.However, … [Read more...]

Tofu – a great source of protein, iron and vitamin B

OverviewTofu contains soybeans and is a good source of protein, low in calories but rich in iron.Tofu has a flavor that few people feel the need to improve to make it a more tasteful food.Children agree tofu, as it is soft enough to be eaten … [Read more...]

Food Recommendations for Hemorrhoids

OverviewDiet for hemorrhoids is a painless and affordable alternative when it comes to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids or even eliminate them.Although only diet can’t do wonders for third of four degree hemorrhoids, in severe cases, some … [Read more...]

Learn to eat healthy: top recommended foods and unhealthy foods

OverviewSince childhood we know that it is better to eat fruits and vegetables and you should avoid sweet snacks that any child will prefer anytime.Before presenting the list of unhealthy foods, you should know which are the food that experts … [Read more...]

The health benefits of mushrooms

1. OverviewThere are many varieties of mushrooms many of which are poisonous. However, there are plenty of types that can be consumed without any danger for human body.Mushrooms can be harvested from the wild, can be grown in the garden or can be … [Read more...]