Avocado and liver function

1. OverviewThe liver is the largest internal organ. This body carries out many vital functions, including turning food into energy, producing bile for digestion and elimination of waste and toxins from the bloodstream.For maintaining optimal … [Read more...]

Onion – health benefits

1. OverviewOnion is used as an ingredient in various dishes for thousands of years throughout the world. World onion production is steadily increasing so far; onions are one of the most widely cultivated vegetable after tomatoes.There are many … [Read more...]

Guide for buying frozen foods

OverviewThe advantages of buying frozen foods include not only time saving but also the fact that some frozen products are nutritious if well preserved after purchase.Frozen fruits and vegetables are actually more nutritious than fresh because … [Read more...]

7 salads that kids will love

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Chocolate is good for your health.

Wow, do you have a treat in store for you today ! Chocolate is just about every person's dream food. But did you know that chocolate has some health benefits to it ? If you are having the thoughts I think you are, you just thought; " Oh boy ! ", or … [Read more...]

How you can lose weight with a high-protein diet

OverviewHigh-protein diets have become a popular way to lose weight, because research being suggested that proteins can be able to satisfy hunger better than fat or carbohydrates.People need protein in varying amounts in all stages of life, for … [Read more...]

The top of recommended foods for a good digestion

OverviewIf you suffer from stomach acidity, heartburn or digestive problems, here are some foods that can help relieve this discomfort. Most of the meals that we eat are filled with artificial ingredients, preservatives, hormones and chemical … [Read more...]

Recommended foods for a peaceful sleep

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How to prevent food poisoning caused by consumption of eggs

OverviewEggs should be stored properly in order to avoid the occurrence of certain diseases or food poisoning.Many refrigerators are equipped with special holders for eggs, which are on the refrigerator door. In reality, these shelves are not … [Read more...]

Drinking Milk May Aid in Weight Loss


It turns out that drinking milk may in fact help people shed those extra pounds, according to research published in the online version of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Adults who drank or ate the most dairy every day- equal to 12 ounces … [Read more...]