I Want My Freckles Gone!


A person who has a lot of freckles on the face, neck, or other parts of the body has definitely gone through a lot of adjustments, psychologically, socially and in all other aspects. Having freckles since childhood may be challenging as too these … [Read more...]

What Should I Apply On My Freckles?


Freckles may look good to some people—but only in small amounts. Too much freckles, to the extent that it already covers your nose, eyes, cheeks, neck and upper shoulders is not good to look at anymore! Too much of everything is detrimental and the … [Read more...]

Freckle Cancer Facts


Freckles are one of those distinct characteristics of blondes, red heads, Latinas and other races—in fact these are often referred to as beauty marks. Freckles are located everywhere and they are much pronounced in the face, especially in the cheeks, … [Read more...]