10 Tips on how to calm down peptic ulcer pain

Every time we eat our stomach produces a certain quantity of acid for digesting the food. This acid is powerful enough to harm the inner layer of the stomach, but thanks to the mucus that surrounds the stomach and duodenum this thing does not … [Read more...]

4 ways to boost your memory

Many who grow older experience memory loss. Not all experience memory loss even though they are advanced in years. Why is this ? Asking good questions is the first step to higher levels of understanding. Here we will explore four ways to boost your … [Read more...]

Winter Health

The latest "cold season" is practically here. You can take that two ways. Since the Winters are getting colder, not warmer, the Winter temperatures are going to be extended. Practically no one likes this, but you can prepare for the "cold and flu … [Read more...]

Health problems during fall

The common health problems during the Fall months are a bit surprising to study. Summer time is time for fun and adventure for many. When Fall comes back around a cycle takes place that happens yearly. Find out a few things about health problems that … [Read more...]

Brain foods: Best to choose and indicated to avoid

The brain is one of our most precious organs as it is the control center of our whole body. Having a well developed brain is one thing, but maintaining its health is another thing. We all want to keep on making good decisions, on getting good grades … [Read more...]

Most Alcohol Canned Drinks Are Not For Sale


Wheeling—Despite its spread that are widely and commonly accepted by public, alcohol canned drinks and foods like beer and whipped cream are indicated by some experts as dangerous. The research has been proven that the amount of caffeine in the can … [Read more...]

Overcoming Flying Problems

Many people are afraid to fly; that’s just a fact. It’s got more to do with letting someone else control how they get someplace, as well as the fact that once you’re up in the air there’s really nowhere or nothing else you can go or do until you get … [Read more...]

US Healthcare Reform Updates

Since being seated, President Barack Obama has made the US healthcare reform his top legislative priority, allowing the $2.5 trillion healthcare system its biggest changes in four decades. Republicans oppose this legislation solidly and have warned … [Read more...]

Explanations for 12 medical mysteries

OverviewDespite significant advances in medicine, there are still a number of medical conditions that nobody understands and for which there is no scientific explanation.Although many of these are not in medicine books, they exist, often found as … [Read more...]

Natural remedies for rebel cough

Spring has installed once again and together with her cold and flu has come too. The catarrh will eventually pass after an intense treatment we follow, but quite often exasperating coughs remain afterwards and we might not know how to treat them. The … [Read more...]