Early Pregnancy Related To Multiple Sclerosis


Women who have suffered from many pregnancies have less threat of getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, as per a research which was published in an online periodical of Neurology. This medical periodical belonged to the American Academy of … [Read more...]

Omega 3 and Heart Health—What’s The Real Score?


It was previously believed that Omega 3 and other fatty acids found in fish and other plants can prevent heart disease, but recent studies conclude otherwise. The study of Danish researchers involving about 3,300 people found out that generally, … [Read more...]

Bald Barbie Supports Childhood Cancer


Are the Barbie dolls going bald? Yes the US makers of the popular franchisee of Barbie Dolls is soon going to launch a doll next year and this doll shall be bald as it will support the children who are suffering from cancer and have lost their hair … [Read more...]

Smoking Linked To Male Cognitive Decline


Smoking in males appears to be connected with more fast cognitive decline, as per the reports printed by Archives of General Psychiatry, an online periodical. Smoking is greatly predicted as a risk factor for disease dementia for the elderly … [Read more...]

Cool—What Does It Really Mean?


Do emotional control, rebelliousness, thrill-seeking and toughness still make you look cool? Can the performers like Miles Davis and James Dean still be thought of as the models that are very cool? Study which was led by the researchers from … [Read more...]

Gastric Bypass Advantages Persist For Longer Time


Gastric bypass seems to aid the individuals in keeping their weight off for 2 years or more, as per a news analyst. The main question was forever, “what is going to be in the long term?” said one of the leading authors of the research as well as the … [Read more...]

One Third of Teens Text While Driving


A recent federal research displays dramatic progress in the driving habit of the school students of US schools, however messaging by teens behind the wheels while driving is the main issue, said the CDCP. 1 in 3 high school students said that they … [Read more...]

Modifying Lifestyle Influences Longevity


Hereditary might be the excellent predictor of long life; however the lifestyle alternatives, including staying linked with the friends and family, are main components in reaching the 100th age, as per the recent poll. Additionally 80% of 100 males … [Read more...]

Anxious Females’ Brains Work Harder


In an investigation which can aid in the identification and cure of anxiety diseases, the researchers of Michigan University say that the brains of the anxious females function much harder than the brain of those boys.What did the findings … [Read more...]

Low Fiber Diet Threatens Teens for Diabetes


Teenagers who consume low fiber diet are at augmented threat for cardiac attack and diabetes, a recent research recommends. The investigators observed at 559 teenagers of which most of them fell in the age brackets of 14-18 and discovered that they … [Read more...]