Top Causes of Hemorrhoids


Considering only the medically diagnosed and consulted with cases of hemorrhoids, it is safe to conclude that hemorrhoids is a common occurrence among people at a worldwide pace. I have made the distinction “medically diagnosed” since there are more … [Read more...]

Exercises for hemorrhoids

OverviewHemorrhoids occur when veins in the rectum become inflamed as a result of straining during elimination of feces, pressure from the uterus during pregnancy and postpartum exercise.Hemorrhoids are associated with itching, burning and pain, … [Read more...]

Treatment for external hemorrhoids

OverviewTreatment for external hemorrhoids is not a very interesting subject, at least until they experience pain, discomfort, itching, burning, bleeding and emphasized embarrassment, involved in external hemorrhoids. When this happens, the … [Read more...]

Hemorrhoids – risk factors

OverviewHemorrhoids are enlarged veins located in the lower rectum and anus. They swell due to increased pressure on them, usually after straining during elimination feces.Another reason would be enlarged uterus pressure on hemorrhoids, in the … [Read more...]

Treating Hemorrhoids At Home


So you have hemorrhoids—and you have chosen a confidential and personal approach in treating this condition… without the help of a physician. Well—we cannot blame people for this notion and perception towards hemorrhoids because indeed, telling … [Read more...]

Is Laser Surgery For Hemorrhoids A Good Choice?


It is understandable how people will feel once people learn that they are suffering from hemorrhoids. Social stigma in the workplace, school and even at home can occur because of the prejudices and notion that people associate with hemorrhoids. But … [Read more...]

What Is A Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid?

When we speak of hemorrhoids, we may all think alike—visualizing that red and inflamed protrusion in one’s anal region. However, that is not the case of hemorrhoids, all the time. When we say hemorrhoids, it technically means an inflammation of the … [Read more...]

Fruits and juices that fight against hemorrhoids

1. OverviewHemorrhoids should not be a problem for most people who follow a healthy lifestyle. Although there are many risk factors that contribute to their development, many of them are lifestyle characteristics that a person has.Most times, … [Read more...]

Ayurvedic remedies for hemorrhoids

OverviewHemorrhoids are dilated or swollen veins located in the rectum, in the anal opening. There is no perfect definition of hemorrhoids, but it can be said that these are some cushions of tissue within the anal canal that contain blood … [Read more...]

Top Symptoms for Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids can be very discomforting—no person with sane mind will attempt to debunk this notion. The reason why hemorrhoids are becoming loathed by many is because of the pain and discomfort that it brings to a person. It is embarrassing and with … [Read more...]