How Effective Are Knee Straps?


 Knee injuries can be very annoying—imagine not being able to move efficiently and being required to rest the whole week until the knee injury gets tolerable. Home-buddies can, sort of, manage that condition… but for active individuals who have … [Read more...]

Help—I Have Arthritis in my Knees!


We often see our grandparents and other elder people complain of it, in fact, our parents are not too far from experiencing the same condition—yes, and we are speaking about arthritis. Arthritis is a degenerative condition of the joints and millions … [Read more...]

What To Do With A Pulled Hamstring?


 A hamstring injury is not uncommon to people—whether you are a sports lover or just a plain old person who loves to watch basketball or football on TV, a hamstring injury is a common scene. For sports buff, especially those who are kings of the … [Read more...]

The Troublesome Knee Injuries


The knee is technically a joint, which means it sits between the areas where bones connect. It's actually the largest joint in the body. Your knees provide stability and flexibility for your body and allow your legs to bend, swivel, and straighten. … [Read more...]

Indications of a Swollen Knee?


Knee swelling may be caused by a number of injuries ranging from different medical conditions. With consideration to the cause of knee swelling, it may be either asymptomatic or symptomatic. Apart from the pain which may usually accompany this … [Read more...]

Top 5 Popular Knee Exercises


The knees are the areas of our body most prone to suffering from injuries due to trauma, as well as wear and tear. We all make use of our knees for most of the hours in a day, seven days a week. Injuries may happen due to conditions like arthritis, … [Read more...]

What Happens With Fluid in the Knee?


There are various conditions which our knees may suffer from—being a frequently stressed area of our body. Some of the more common conditions or disorders may include sprain, strain, torn meniscus, tendinitis and ligament tearing, not to mention … [Read more...]

What Is A Knee Replacement Surgery?


There are a lot of joints in our body and these joints are very important most especially in terms of movement and ambulation. Without the joints, we would have very limited movements, and we won’t be able to perform important tasks like walking, … [Read more...]

What Is A Torn Meniscus and How To Manage It?


Our knees are a convergence of two major bone structures—the lower end of the femur and the superior end of the tibia. Between these two major bones is the medial meniscus and found in front of the knees is the lateral meniscus. The meniscus is a … [Read more...]

The Most Common Knee Injuries


If our knees have a life of its own—it could opt to have its own day off in a week. We cannot deny the fact that our knees are mostly used, if not abused, in our daily lives. We make use of our knees the moment we wake up, until the time we resign to … [Read more...]