Breast Cancer Detection Through Lymph Nodes


Breast cancer is the number two most morbid type of cancer and the number one form of cancer among women. It affects millions of people and as time passes, more and more women are suffering from it. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is already … [Read more...]

What Do Lymph Nodes in the Back Indicate?


Lymph nodes are actually normal structures in our body—do not freak out once you notice them in your neck, underarms, chest or even your groins. These nodes are intended to be there and they react to certain events which occur inside our body. These … [Read more...]

Diseases Which Cause Swollen Groin Lymph Nodes


Just like the arms are very important in our daily lives, the legs also play an equally important role. We use our legs when we travel and ambulate—nothing can be more important than these functions that the legs perform. When our legs are impaired, … [Read more...]

The lymphatic system

1. OverviewMost of people know very little about the lymphatic system. Even so, most have heard about the lymphatic drainage or lymphatic massage.We are familiar with the lymph nodes located in the armpits and in the groin and swollen lymph know … [Read more...]

Symptoms of Lymph Nodes Cancer: How To Spot Them?


Cancer is a very dreadful phenomenon. It is already considered a common condition over the years. Millions are suffering from it and million other people are expected to suffer from this condition in the next few years. Cancer, though, is a very … [Read more...]

Why Are My Armpit Lymph Nodes Swollen?


We make use of our arms in many activities—may these activities be personal, household related, and those related to work and school. In fact, even as we walk, we make use of our arms to balance ourselves. An impairment in our arm can give us a great … [Read more...]

Help—My Underarm Lymph Nodes Are Swollen!


Ouch! My underarm hurts and I can barely move my arms properly!—these are common complaints that you might hear from a person with no less than swollen underarm lymph nodes. Funny as it may sound—underarm lymph nodes are REALLY infuriating. These … [Read more...]

Is A Lymph Node Cancer Possible?


When our body is invaded by bacteria and viruses, the immune system is at the front line, especially when the infection reaches our bloodstream. As we all know, the immune system consists of different body parts and components. Among these … [Read more...]

What Indicates A Swollen Node in the Neck?


There are a lot of diseases and conditions which bacteria and viruses may bring upon our health. These conditions range from simple cough and colds to complicated conditions which can become fatal to one’s life. But our body has the necessary tools … [Read more...]

Lymph Nodes 101


Perhaps when you were still a child or a teenager, still naive of the things about your body and your body systems, you have been startled by the presence of some nodes or cyst-like formations in several areas of your body. Chances are, you might … [Read more...]