5 Medical Gadgets to Help You Live Healthier

While some tech devices and apps are reputed to make users more sedentary, several new medical gadgets aim to combat poor health and lifestyle, detect disease, and relieve pain. Innovators are applying advancements in flexible circuit board … [Read more...]

Itchy Arms and hands – Causes, cures and Treatment

Brachioradial Pruritis which is also known as BRP is a condition when the patient scratches his/her skin to bleed. It usually between the shoulder and elbow of either or both arms. The exact cause of the disease is however unknown. There is evidence … [Read more...]

Hepatic Coma (Liver failure) – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Diagnosis

What is Hepatic coma? Alteration in the behavior, consciousness and some other neurological functions that occur in the parenchymatous hepatic disorder are collectively termed as hepatic coma. Causes: (1) Virus hepatitis, (2) Cirrhosis of liver, … [Read more...]

Itchy Toes and Feet – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

There are many things which could lead to itching of feet and toes like socks which we wear, our shoes etc. Causes for itchy feet and toes Athlete’s feet: as the name says it mostly happens in athletes but can happen to anyone and is a contagious … [Read more...]

List of seven Symptoms of a Short Term Memory Loss

Short term memory loss or Anterograde Amnesia is the inability to recall past events for a short period of time. Due to this, a person’s mind goes blank for a short-period of time, unable to recall or remember anything during this phase. Such a … [Read more...]

How Often Should I Get A Hearing Test?


A hearing test is no doubt very useful for those who have even a small doubt about the veracity of their hearing. If you have a nagging feeling that one or both of your ears may have a problem, read this article and start asking yourself; "How often … [Read more...]

Eating Dinner as a Family May Reduce Drug Use by Teens


Teenagers who don't normally sit down with their parents to eat dinner are two times as likely to use illegal drugs, tobacco or alcohol, when compared with teens who do eat meals as a family, according to a new study by the National Center on … [Read more...]

Lab Tests for Staph (Staphylococcus)

1. Taking sample of infected tissue: To diagnose the infection caused due to Staph the first thing which needs to be done is that you need to take samples of blood or urine or from the pus of the infected area. We know that only few bacteria of … [Read more...]

Getting to Know the Common Hyperglycemia Symptoms


Sugar and sweets—who cannot resist them? They come in all forms, shapes, sizes and flavors…the simple reason why people just can’t get enough of sweets! Eating sweet foods like candies, cakes, chocolates and other confections is a great way to finish … [Read more...]

Hemorrhoids : Causes and Cures

What is Hemorrhoid? A hemorrhoid is generally known as piles. This is a medical condition when the veins around the rectum show unusual state including enlargement, pain and sometimes bleeding. The hemorrhoid can be both internal and external. For … [Read more...]