Parkinson Exercises


What makes Parkinson Disease fatal, especially in the late stages is that it can totally burn the bridge between our brain and our muscles. Although physically, nerves are still functioning well, the absence of Dopamine erases all the functions of … [Read more...]

Diseases that cause bone loss

1. OverviewBone loss refers to the rapid deterioration of used bone tissue before being produced new bone tissue. Bones have a high content of mineral deposits and are composed of calcium.Calcium and other materials inside the bones are broken … [Read more...]

Knowing the Parkinson Stages


Parkinson’s Disease is a medical condition which happens when a part of our brain starts to deteriorate. This certain area is responsible for the production of Dopamine—a chemical mediator which is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses … [Read more...]

Top Causes of Parkinson Disease


Approximately fifty thousand people in America are diagnosed to be suffering from Parkinson’s Disease in each single year. This certain disease is caused by deterioration the “black” area of the brainstem (substantia nigra). A damage in this area of … [Read more...]

How Parkinson’s Disease Can Be Cured?


It is extremely devastating to see any of your close relatives—like your grandparents or parents suffering from degenerative conditions. Degenerative conditions are those diseases which are common among the elderly and have the tendency to persist … [Read more...]

Parkinson’s disease

Overview Parkinson's disease can affect a person's ability to control his body movements. Certain nerve cells in the brain normally produce a chemical substance called dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter or a chemical mediator, through which … [Read more...]

Can Stem Cells Cure Parkinson?


Parkinson’s Disease has no known cure YET—that is the status quo. So whatever offers or treatment options which guarantee you a hundred percent cure from Parkinson’s Disease, be vigilant as these may be scams and fake forms of treatment. The fact … [Read more...]

Parkinson and Dementia: Are They Related?


Parkinson’s Disease is very distressing! Apart from the debilitating condition that it may give to a person suffering from the disease, it can also give rise to many other complications. Parkinson’s Disease is a condition which is caused by a … [Read more...]

Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease


Finding out that someone close to you has Parkinson’s Disease can feel so devastating. Parkinson’s Disease is affecting millions of American every year and is trending to be one of the most common neural degenerative disorders.Parkinson’s Disease … [Read more...]

Signs and Symptoms of Early Parkinson Disease


Parkinson’s Disease is a disease which affects not only the person with the disease but even the close relatives and people caring for the patient. Parkinson is a degenerative disorder of the brain wherein brain cells start to lose function and … [Read more...]