8 Effects of Depression on the Human Body

Depression is probably the oldest disease that has plagued man. The medical term ‘depressive disorder’ is a group of symptoms that reflects an extremely sad or grief-stricken mood.  The intensity of sadness is greater in severity and duration … [Read more...]

Suicide prevention

OverviewA person who is suicidal, even if he wants to be helped, he find it difficult to seek support from others. Most people who commit suicide do not want death itself but simply no longer suffering.Suicide prevention starts with recognizing … [Read more...]

Alternative Drugs Might Harm the Children


London—According to the latest research, giving alternative drugs instead of the commonly used one in order to cure the disease can be somehow deadly although the case is rarely happening. It is based on the report from Australia since 2001 to 2003 … [Read more...]

How to Treat Schizophrenia?

Treatment of SchizophreniaAs we know that actual causes or factors behind schizophrenia are still not sure therefore its treatment depends upon the symptoms manifested by patient in various cases. Therefore the treatment methods for schizophrenia … [Read more...]

Tips on how to improve your self-esteem

Tips on how to build a powerful self-esteem For those who do not understand exactly what self-esteem is, they should know self–esteem refers to the image one has got about himself. We all think and feel in a certain way about ourselves. The … [Read more...]

Seven Tips To Relieve Stress

Most days we come home feeling at least a little bit of stress. Even the best of days may have had some tense moments in them. Then when we get home, we feel angst and pressure, trying to figure out how to get some release. Some people drink, some … [Read more...]

Hypnosis Might Be Good For Your Health

When most people think about hypnosis, they think of entertainers who get people on stage, put them to sleep, then get them to do all sorts of embarrassing things that other people laugh at. While that’s a lot of fun to see, it’s not really the … [Read more...]

The ABC of motivation

We all have disappointments in life every now and then. Some people get over them quickly and try to forget about them, others try to learn something new from what has happened and others can’t overcome what they have been through and loose their … [Read more...]

Histrionic Personality Disorder Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis

source: http://helpingpsychology.com

Histrionic Personality Disorder – A Complete OverviewAccording to American Psychiatric Associations, histrionic personality disorder is characterized by excessive emotional state for seeking attention and appreciation of people present around. In … [Read more...]

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Autistic Children Might Have a Bad Visualization


The United States—The latest study reported that children with autism might have insufficient ability to stand on their own when they grow up. Based on the study, those with autism when they are younger are very likely to have lack of ability to do … [Read more...]