Herpes Zoster Shingles: Getting Acquainted with the Disease


If you think you are now immune from developing chicken pox rashes and blisters since you got it when you were still a kid—but then the opposite is true! You might have developed chicken pox before but this doesn’t make you immune from developing … [Read more...]

What Causes Shingles?


PAIN, Pain and MORE pain! That’s what shingles can bring! There are a lot of misconceptions about developing shingles. Shingles is not a contagious disease… Once cured of shingles, it stays away for life, or shingles only happen in the elderly—these … [Read more...]

Alternative Treatment for Shingles


Shingles can be very excruciating due to the distinct pain that it can give to the infected person. Shingles is caused by the virus called herpes zoster virus—a virus which is also related to the infecting organism causing chicken pox. What happens … [Read more...]

Are Shingles Vaccine Effective?


SHINGLES—it may sound like a petty condition…something that may present with a bit of itchiness and redness but definitely nothing serious. Well if this is how you perceive shingles, you are definitely wrong.Shingles is a very concerning condition. … [Read more...]