Getting Away With Stomach Flu


Millions of viruses are present in our environment—wherever we are located, whatever task we perform, they are always there and ready to attack our system. The only weapon we have against these viruses is a strong immune system. However, our body is … [Read more...]

Stomach Flu Top Causes


Stomach flu is actually a slang term used for the medical condition we know as viral gastroenteritis. The term gastroenteritis basically comes from the terms gastro which means stomach, entero which refers to the intestines and –itis which refers to … [Read more...]

What To Eat With Stomach Flu?


 Stomach flu is basically a common term used for Viral Gastroenteritis. Viral gastroenteritis is basically an inflammation of the stomach and the intestines due to the infestation of viruses in the digestive system. One important thing to take … [Read more...]

Top Symptoms of Stomach Flu

Stomach Flu is just another petty term for viral gastroenteritis, however, as petty as it may sound to some people, the effects of stomach flu, especially when unmanaged can be fatal and life threatening. Before everything else, let us first have a … [Read more...]