The Top Causes of Tuberculosis


Coughing for more than six months, presence of blood in the sputum, chest pain upon breathing, weight loss—these are very common signs and symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis. At first impression, this condition may sound too morbid. Well in fact, it … [Read more...]

What Does A Positive Tuberculosis Test Mean?


TUBERCULOSIS is a contagious disease. This is true most especially if you are a person who does not practice proper hygiene and cleanliness. Tuberculosis is a condition which causes high morbidity and mortality at a global trend. This condition is … [Read more...]

Pulmonary Tuberculosis: A Brief Rundown of the Basics


Tuberculosis is one of the diseases which cause a high morbidity and mortality around the globe. Many cases of tuberculosis are brought about by cross-infection and contracting the bacteria causing the disease through bad health habits and hygiene. … [Read more...]

Important Treatments for Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis is dreaded by many because of the fact that it is highly contagious—most especially if the person is not taking any medications to treat the said disease. This disease is also called Koch’s Disease, owing to the one who discovered the … [Read more...]