Natural remedies for sinus congestion and chronic sinusitis

OverviewChronic sinusitis affects millions of people annually and is one of the most common chronic conditions. Symptoms may include shortness of nasal breath, headache, pain behind the eyes, sensitivity to the cheeks, sinus congestion, runny nose … [Read more...]

Vaccinate your child against rotavirus infection

OverviewFor the start you must learn that children under one year are the most exposed and the infection is transmitted mainly in winter. Early vaccination, before the first infection with rotavirus, can prevent most cases of disease.Many … [Read more...]

Healthy lifestyle during summer

OverviewSummer is the warm season of entertainment and holidays. Unfortunately, during this period there are many cases of binge eating and other habits not very healthy.Here are some general recommendations for this season, in order to eat … [Read more...]

Dangers of sunscreen use

OverviewCreams and other products with skin-protection role against harmful UV rays of the sun are those that filters ultraviolet rays when applied to the skin.They absorb some UV rays to protect skin and prevent burns or conditions caused by sun … [Read more...]

Overflowing energy in 4 steps

OverviewWe are not sick, but still have times when we feel tired, asthenia, demotivated.The fault can be trivial mistakes, but the impact can be very negative.These habits that steal our energy perpetuated long can cause some … [Read more...]

Vitamins support a healthy lifestyle

OverviewMost people know that vitamins support a healthy lifestyle, with fewer illnesses. Vitamins available today are more complex and targeted to specific aspects of a person's body and health.Even if some people do not realize it, food does … [Read more...]

Cravings and healthy eating in pregnancy

OverviewFemale body suffers drastic hormonal changes during pregnancy. Many of these trigger symptoms such as fever or unusual food cravings for foods high in fat.Can be difficult to resist these cravings and often pregnant women consume not only … [Read more...]

Healthy fats for heart

1. OverviewFor years, nutritionists and doctors support the benefits of a diet low in fat. They said that reducing the amount of fat that people consume is the secret for weight loss, cholesterol lowering and prevent many health problems.However, … [Read more...]

Health benefits offered by vegetable juices

OverviewVegetables are important foods that offer a protective role against diseases. They offer numerous other health benefits.Juices extracted from fresh fruits are best for consumers because they provide all the nutrients and enzymes to cells … [Read more...]

What is aerosol therapy?

1. OverviewAerosol therapy is a revolutionary way to treat many conditions including obstructive airway disease.This form of treatment involves introducing drugs into the lower airways by using some aerosols, to obtain a topical or systemic … [Read more...]