Causes of Vaginal Yeast Infection

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Candidiasis is not a strange term to many—most especially to the female population. Why—because females are very prone to developing a vaginal yeast infection. Compared to men, the environment of the female genital is much more prone to the growth of not only yeast, but other forms of microorganisms as well. Warm, dark and moist—these are the types of environment where vaginal yeast infection will most likely thrive and persist. Yeast is not conducive for growth in exposed areas like the arms, face, etc. This is also one reason why yeast infection may also happen inside the mouth.

But then it is impossible to leave our genital area exposed forever—and it would be foolish to do so. Moreover, when our hygiene, diet and sexual contact is not very healthy and safe—the chances of getting vaginal yeast infection can blow up into an overwhelming proportion. When a person contracts this condition, spreading it will be very easy most especially during unprotected sex. Moreover, if a person engages in multiple sexual partners, vaginal yeast infection can be an epidemic.

For this reason, one must be able to identify the common causes of vaginal yeast infection.

Unprotected Sex. Needless to say, engaging in sexual intercourse without the use of protection can lead to vaginal yeast infection. Thus, it is important to use protection likes male and female condoms to prevent the spread of such diseases. Also, if both you and your partner have multiple sexual relationships, the chances of getting vaginal yeast infection will blow out of proportion.

Oral and Genital Contact With An Infected Person. Performing fellatio with an infected sexual partner or cunnilingus with other women can also get you a vaginal yeast infection… as well as oral candidiasis. Thus, if erasing these acts from your usual sexual activities and preferences, it is best to wash your mouth and genitals properly after performing these sexual acts.

Diabetes Mellitus. Sugar is the comfort food of yeast… thus it can grow exponentially if a person has a high blood sugar level. This makes people with Diabetes Mellitus prone to developing vaginal yeast infections. When accompanied with an unhealthy hygiene, yeast infection can become all the more possible.

Overuse of Feminine Washes. Many women turn their cheek to these hyped feminine washes. While it is true that these feminine washes keep the vaginal area clean, it also has a downside because it modified the normal acidity of the vaginal walls. When this happens, the normal defense mechanism of the vagina in fighting off bacteria and fungi will be weakened, thus making vaginal yeast infection possible.

Tight Fitting Underwear and Jeans. Ventilation is very important in the prevention of yeast and bacterial growth… thus, wearing tight underwear and jeans, if the fabric is silk which do not allow proper ventilation, vaginal yeast infection can happen. It is highly suggested that for people with such conditions, underwear made of cotton should be used to promote proper breathing of the skin.




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