CDC expresses alarm over the rising rate of Binge Drinking

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The health researchers and experts at CDC, Center for Disease Control and prevention has expressed grave alarm over the rising rate of Binge Drinking among the citizens of the country, adults as well as high school teens. Binge Drinking refers to consumption of 5-6 portions of drinks, usually alcohol, in a span of less than two hours. More and more number of high school students who consume alcohol opts for binge drinking out of adventure or fun without realizing the consequences.

The alcohol program leader at CDC Dr. Robert Brewer said that the percentage of adults addicted to binge drinking is almost 34% while around 67% high school students who consume alcoholic drinks have been found to be regularly binge drinking. It is a form of substance abuse and can lead to major health problems such as heart problems, emotional disorders, depression, onset of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, hypertension etc. Amongst other consequences, it can also cause automobile accidents and dating violence and accidental pregnancies(among females).

The percentage of people indulging in binge drinking varies from state to state. It is the highest in Wisconsin where more than 23% people are reported to binge drink. The instances are the lowest in Tennessee where 6.8% of the population has been reported to be indulging into it. More than 79000 people dies annually in United States alone as a result of the harmful effects of binge drinking and scientists intend to attend the issue in a more objective manner.




  1. Why am I not surprised with this finding? When you consider peer pressure and the fact that we are constantly telling them that ‘drinking is cool’ using various marketing channels, of course they are going to drink which naturally leads to binge drinking. And to add to all of that, most kids who binge drink have probably been watching their parents model this behavior for years. The temptation to binge drink is just too great.

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