Cellphone Use During Pregnancy, Linked to ADHD

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In trails engaging mice, foetal exposure to mobile phones radiation seemed to be associated to symptoms in offspring which are similar to ADHD in human kids, as per the research reports of Yale researchers. Additionally these issues with focus, memory and hyperactivity persist when the mice matured and became adults and were worse the maximum when they were exposed to radiation of mobile phones in the womb. The theory was that the progressing brain may be more vulnerable to these kinds of insults. The researchers discovered that they appear to have behavioral alterations such as ADHD – the researchers say that mice have do not face ADHD however they had issues with impulsiveness, memory and hyperactivity.

At times of 19 days of pregnancy, the research team exposed the mice to the mobile phone radiation by placing the mute cell phone above their cage. In another cage, the mice were kept with deactivated cell phone. It is not required to speak through the mobile phone to become exposed to the radiation. As long as the mobile phone is switched on, they transmit radiation. But some doctors say that additional research might be required. The researchers say that though they do not know exactly what it is, still this cannot be ignored.

Gallousis did recommend that in order to be safe and secure, the women must restrict their exposure to the radiation. She recommended them to try and restrict their time of talking on the mobile phone and to not leave it if it does not have to be. These findings are very fascinating however they are preliminary. This is theory generating research hence it is very early to reach the conclusions and it is worth putting money in this research.



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