Cereals help you to keep your teeth and nails healthy

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A healthy diet should be balanced, implying greater consumption of certain foods and less consumption of products in other categories. Which are based on cereals, the food is recommended to be consumed most often in a day. On top of the pyramid are fats, oils, sweets, with a lower frequency of consumption.

Breakfast cereals are one of the most important sources of vitamins and nutrients, is tasty, easy and quick to prepare and are recommended by doctors and nutritionists to be consumed at any age.

Breakfast cereal is an ideal way to start the day, providing nutrients and energy body for daily activities (15-20 percent of daily energy needs). Cereals are fortified with vitamins, calcium and iron, are low in fat and are high in fiber. Rich content of nutrients and vitamins reduced the risk of digestive disorders, heart and cancer.

Also, grain is an excellent source of calcium, which plays a role in strengthening bones and teeth. Research conducted in recent years demonstrates that the cereals have beneficial effects on physical and mental development of children and contribute to them in school performances. So, give your children every morning to a bowl of cereal mixed with milk or yogurt.

Cereals are an important source of calcium for both children and adults. A bowl of cereal with milk provides about one third of your daily calcium.

Lack of calcium in the body is felt by the skeleton, teeth and nails deteriorate. Nails become brittle, break easily and lose their natural shine. Calcium deficiency also causes the teeth – the structure is deteriorating more and more, reaching even to break or fall.

Certainly, such situations are every woman’s nightmare … and you do not want to happen to you! Especially since you can easily prevent, enjoying delicious cereal daily, in various combinations and “enriched” with honey, cinnamon or fresh fruit.



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