Cereals: tasty and easy to prepare – the ideal combination

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I do not know how others are, but what concerns me nothing gives me a more energy intake than a breakfast cereal. In this way, my body has all requirement of vitamins and nutrients – not to say that, due to the diversity of flavors and varieties, I am in danger of never get enough of them. In addition, they are easy to prepare, so I can not complain that their prepare would kidnap me too long this morning.

I know that cereals are very healthy, this is because they contain vitamins, fiber, calcium and iron. Grain vitamins increase energy and body strength. Cholesterol-lowering fiber, gut and streamlines – help to establish a balanced diet. Cereals compensates also calcium deficiency and iron, important for strengthening bones and essential for the immune system.

Until I discovered the cereals, I jumped over breakfast sometimes, lack of time, which will be felt during the day: irritability, nervousness, weakness and reduced performance. Well, now I can watch them all! Cereals helps me keep fit and keep my figure at the same time. This is because when eating cereal, do not feel so intense need to eat sweets and pasta. One can say that grain is the most intelligent menu for breakfast!

Here are two of my favorite recipes, which I recommend you to try them. I guarantee you they are delicious and preparation do not take more than five minutes!

Cereal with milk

Ingredients: a bowl of cereal, wheat, rice or oatmeal, a cup of cold or warm milk, banana slices.

Preparation: In a bowl, mix cereal with milk, and optionally can add slices of banana. Cereals served with warm milk will keep crisp!

If you want to spoil yourself, try a delicious combination for which you need these ingredients:

- Half of canned peaches;
- Half a glass of sweet cheese or yogurt;
- Half a cup of cereal, nuts, raisins.

Preparation: Place peaches in a glass, cover with a layer of cheese or yogurt and then a layer of cereal mixed with nuts and raisins.



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