Chemical on Soda Drinks, Associated With Cancer?

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PepsiCo Inc and Coco-Cola Co are introducing changes to the manufacturing of an ingredient in their namesake drinks colas to prevent the requirement to label the packages with a warning of cancer. The modifications will not change the taste, formula or color of cola’s as per the speech by both companies. Pepsi and Coke said that they had requested their distributors of caramel coloring in their colas to modify their production process to cater to the needs of a California ballot initiative targeting to restrict exposure to harmful and poisonous chemicals. The modification is meant to diminish the quantity of a chemical known as 4-methylimidazole, more popularly called the 4-MI that was added to the chemical list covered by 1986 Toxic Enforcement Act and Safe Drinking Water of California which are also called Proposition 65.

Chemicals associated to cancer in animals

Elevated levels of that particular chemical have found to have strong association with cancer in animals, as per a research report. Prior to this week, the Centre for Science in the communal Interest, which is also a US watchdog team, said that it has discovered hazardous levels of the particular chemical in the tins and cans of Pepsi-cola and Coco-Cola, as per reports submitted by Whole Foods Markets Inc and Dr. Pepper Snaple Group Inc.  The Drug and Food Administration of USA reveals that at the time when it was evaluating the petition of the group, it was however stressed that the drinks of Pepsi-cola and Coco-Cola are safe to drink.

A spokesman from the Food and Drug Department reported that an individual will have to drink “well beyond a thousand soda cans everyday to attain the quantity which is administered in the research and which has shown association to cancer in rodents.



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