Chest Xray Screening Does Not Lessen the Risk of Death for Lung Cancer

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Smoking is a global health problem across all ages. Everyone is affected by the debilitating effects of smoking even those individuals who are not smoking. This is because of the cigarette smoke that stays dispended in the air and being inhaled by most of people. Cigarette smoking has been known for having about 31 carcinogenic substances which can predispose a person from having certain malignancies, most especially lung cancer, and one way to diagnose this condition is through chest x-ray. However, having oneself being screened through chest x-ray does not decrease the risk of dying from lung cancer, according to a new study.

Lung cancer, just like any malignancies, is caused by an abnormal cellular growth which disrupts the balance or homeostasis of the body. Many risk factors are associated with the development of lung cancer. This may include smoking, alcoholism, and lifestyle. Symptoms of lung cancer often include coughing out blood, difficulty of breathing, cough for more than weeks, and fatigue.

According to the National Cancer Institute, in United States (US), the estimated cases of newly diagnosed individuals with lung cancer is about 221,130, and the figures of those who died from it reached about156,940.

Hence, screenings for lung cancer through the use of chest x-rays are done in an attempt to decrease to a certain extent the number of people who die from lung cancer through early detection and prompt intervention. But, a new study released in the November 2 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) led by Doctor Martin Oken of the University of Minnesota says that those people who were screened through chest x-ray for lung cancer showed no improved survival rate among those who were not screened.

The study involved analysis of data by tracking down about 150,000 study participants. Almost 50 per cent of them were composed of women. Also, about ten (10) per cent of the study participants were smokers and the rest were equally distributed among those who were not smoking and have stopped smoking.

The study participants were divided into groups of who will be offered with chest x-ray screening and who will not be screened at all. The follow up of the study was done 4 years after, and the researchers found out that the group with chest x-ray screening has the most numbers of individual who develop lung cancer, although, the results also shows that there were no significant differences between the deaths of the two study groups.

Furthermore, the results in general suggests that although chest x-ray screening are done to diagnose a new case, still people are not diagnose at an early span of time to make a significant impact on the survival of individuals with lung cancer.



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