Chicken intake protect your heart

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A nutrient which is present in the dark meat seems to provide protection against many heart diseases in women who are diagnosed with high cholesterol, as per a recent study by the researchers of Langone Medical Centre. The research has been posted online in a European periodical that evaluates the impact of taurine, which is an organically occurring food present in dark meat or chicken and turkey and in some fishes along with shellfish. It uncovered that elevated taurine consumption was linked with prominent lower heart disease threat among women with elevated total cholesterol levels. The similar link did not appear in women with low levels of cholesterol.

There is not much information about taurine while few studies signify that taurine might be beneficial to heart disease. This is the initial printed prospective research to view at serum taurine and heart disease in human beings. Their conclusions were very exciting. Taurine in organic form does appear to have an important protective impact in women who have high cholesterol. Coronary artery disease also called coronary heart disease is caused due to building of plaque in the arties of the heart. Research has discovered proofs that the nutritional factors are significant modifiable threat factors for coronary heart disease.

A study confirmed that individuals with high cholesterol can be recommended to consume more poultry particularly dark meat. This is an exciting possibility. The researchers analyzed taurine present in blood which initiated from organic resources. The nutrient being added to supplements and energy drinks is manmade and is supplemented in natural amounts. These products even contain not only extremely high amount of taurine, but a multitude of many other ingredients like ginseng and caffeine which might have influence on CHD risk.

The investigators are presently using NYUWHS data to analyze the influence of taurine on the happening of stroke.



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