Children Can Be Safely Treated with Acupuncture

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The increasing number of diseases at present time does not excuse the children to have one. In comparison with adults, children have lesser ability to fight diseases due to the immaturity of their immune system that is still developing. Also, treatment varies due to the sensitivity and compatibility of some drugs, procedures or any means of treatment. Nevertheless, promotion of health and prevention of illnesses are applied to all, may it be neither adults nor children.

Alternative treatments are present all over the world. These are management used other than the usual medical regimen that physicians’ order. One of these alternative treatments includes the practice of acupuncture, an ancient Chinese-origin treatment. The unique aspect of acupuncture is the use of needles being applied to the different points of the body to have an electrical connection relieving pain, infertility, inflammation and other disease process. Also, it is believed to maintain optimal body wellness and homeostasis. Though the practice of acupuncture and the concept behind it is not clear enough to explain it in scientific means, still acupuncture is being used all throughout the globe.

Canadian researchers have concluded that acupuncture can be applied to children as well by maintaining its safety after review of compilation of different researches in the past 60 years. Dr. Sunita Vohra, a professor in the department of pediatrics at Edmonton Canada’s University of Alberta, commented that children are safe to undergo acupuncture provided that they will be handled by a professional acupuncturist. The researchers have looked into both the effectiveness of acupuncture among children and teens as well as the different side effects that may come hand in hand with it. 1,422 children and teens are randomly analyzed and found out that 253 had a mild side effect of acupuncture, like bruising, numbness or pain. There were about 25 also that was known to suffer from serious side effects like thumb deformity and a case of HIV infection.

Despite the known results of the study, the researchers commented that these events are rare to occur, most especially if the treatment will be done by experts. The proper use, manipulation and procedure can be carried out by the professionals in a very efficient manner; taking into consideration the quality and safeness of the materials to be used and the likes. Dr. Adeline Ge, senior Chinese medicine consultant with the U.S. National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, granted that “If practitioners had good training before, this kind of thing should completely be avoided.” and added that acupuncture should not be done to children under the age of 2. Parents also must be aware of the treatment that will be done to their child. Basically, it is recommended that before engaging their child to any procedures, it is deemed safest to consult their physician.




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