Chin Implant Surgery—A Booming Business

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The figure of the American females and males undergoing the cosmetic chin implant surgery has augmented prominently in the year 2011, as per the American society of Plastic Surgeons. Segmentation in the chin implant procedures was much greater than the breast implant surgery, liposuction and botox injections combined. The reasons for the augmentation might include progressing application of video chat technology, a desire to improve the work success and an ageing baby boomer populace, recommend a society news and press release.

The chin displays the ageing faster

The jaw line and the chin are amid the initial and the most important areas which show signs of ageing, as per the president of the society Dr. Malcom Roth. We even know and are well aware that as more and more individuals perceive themselves on video chat technology, they might observe that their jaw line is not that sharp as they wanted it to be. The chin implants could make a prominent change and difference in the individuals. There were approximately 21,000 cases of chin implants surgery last year, with 71% increase from the year 2010, as per a news release. Females have approximately 10,000 surgeries, a 66% increase while the males had nearly 10,600 surgeries which showed a 76% increase.

Amid the younger adults, who aged from 20-29, around 2759 underwent the chin implant surgery representing nearly 68% increase. Amid those aging 30-39 approximately 2600 had the surgery showing 69% increase. Figure increased with age. There are additional 5000 chin implant surgery in adults aging from 40-54, showing around 77% increase. For those individuals who were 55 or above, around 8500 surgeries were executed which displayed a 70% increase. Additional cosmetic procedures which augmented in 2011 were: laser skin resurfacing, lip augmentation, facelift and soft-tissue fillers.



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