China Proclaimed First Bird Flu Death

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The vice director of the Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and prevention, Ma Hanwu has arranged for the press meet on the very last day of 2011 to unveil the information regarding the patient in Guangdong province of South China who has been disinfected and died by the Bird flu  recently. The issue has been raised seriously on behalf of the fact that the Bird flu case was registered after a period of around one year and 6 months. But he asked for the peace among the people as he claims that it is not that much liable to spread among the populaces of the country. Further he added the report obtained after the genetic analysis has exposed that the person got the disease from the animal not from any human which is announce by the Xinhua News Agency.

“Though it is highly pathogenic to human beings, the virus can not spread among the people”, the announcement made by the Xinhua Agency. In additional it declares “there is no need for Shenzhen citizens to panic”.

H5N1 affects the people on the odd occasions only and normally people who get in touch with the animals falls in the trap of the disease, that too only by the affected ones. All the professionals in the field are in touch with the situation so as to analyze about the conditions as chances are there for spreading among the humans.

The middle aged person, Chen, had been admitted with the symptoms and fever in the hospital on December 25, but the existence of the disease has been confirmed only on last day of 2011 by the Health Ministry. Xinhua further claims that the health authorities were searching for the source from where he got the strains of the disease. The close relations and other people of around 120 numbers who are in contact with Chen had not displayed any signs of the disease told by the Guangdong health Department.

The World Health Organization earlier told that around the world there raised nearly 573 case of the Bird flu on which 336 departed their life for it till 2003. Among which, 40 are from china in which 26 died.

A week before Chen’s death, there was a reported a case of the birds’ death in the Hong Kong, on the next side of which the city of Shenzhen is situated.  Around 20,000 birds had been killed in Hong Kong and also restrictions are put for the sales too in the state after some confirmation of the strains in chicken.



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