Chocolate is good for your health.

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Wow, do you have a treat in store for you today ! Chocolate is just about every person’s dream food. But did you know that chocolate has some health benefits to it ? If you are having the thoughts I think you are, you just thought; ” Oh boy ! “, or something similar. Well it really is true; chocolate has a few positive benefits other than just making your sweet tooth happy. If you love chocolate read on to find out what they are.chocolate

Studies on chocolate have found that it and cocoa have the ability to lower high blood pressure. No, it is not something you can eat more and more of and lower your blood pressure, but in moderate amounts you can experience the same thing as your drugs from the pharmacy. Nitric oxide is the ingredient that the body uses to help regulate blood pressure and chocolate and cocoa have a substance that helps the body to process nitric oxide. Specifically chocolate that has flavonoids is the category of chocolate that helps to reduce blood pressure. Remember, chocolate has plenty of calories so do not end up getting too much of a good thing.

Many people call chocolate the ” feel good ” food. Why is chocolate that way ? If you are a chocolate lover you may already be aware of fact of how chocolate gives you feelings of ecstasy. The reason may surprise you. It affects the brain. The chocolate affects the production of endorphins. Endorphins help people to feel good or lighten your mood. It is in some ways a “high” that is chemically but naturally induced by the results of the chocolate. Endorphins also help to dull pain. Now you know why chocolate is craved by so many.

Did you know that chocolate affects women differently than men ? You may say; ” Of course it does, just look at Valentine’s Day !”. Why is it the men who give the chocolate to the women and not the other way around ? One reason goes back to the brain again. The hypothalamus of women become less active after consuming large amounts of chocolate. The hypothalamus controls a lot of hormones in the body, including behavior. This includes anger. Chocolate could be a sneaky way men keep a woman from getting angry at them. The man is protecting his health by using chocolate. You thought Valentine’s Day was about love ? Its about men getting their way by using chocolate.

Okay getting on to more serious health benefits, chocolate comes from a thing called cocoa. Cocoa is called a bean, but is actually a fruit. This cocoa fruit is high in those things called anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help to slow down aging by restricting the activities of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are created by simply living. You create them when you breathe, eat or exercise. Free radicals damage normal healthy cells. Cocoa and the chocolate that is made from it helps to prevent this process. Dark chocolate is better at preventing the harmful effects of free radicals than milk chocolate. Free radicals are impossible to avoid, so eat some chocolate and start fighting them.

Another reason to love chocolate is that it is high in oleic and linoleic acids. Oleic acid has so many good benefits to health that it should be put on the nightly news. It is good for the skin by making it more flexible. It is good for helping to prevent breast cancer by restricting an overexpression of the gene that is used to create cancer. Oleic acid helps omega 3 fats get to where the body can use them. Olive oil is also high in oleic acid. There is more, but lets talk now about linoleic acid. This ingredient in chocolate helps to repair damaged cells. It also helps to burn calories. It helps to relieve eczema or dry skin. It helps to maintain the health of cell membranes. As you can see, chocolate has many good reasons to for us to eat it.

Dark chocolate has more of the good stuff in it than the other varieties. White chocolate was not found to decrease blood pressure in those who had a problem with high blood pressure. Overall, even though chocolate is considered a “sweet”, it may be right to classify it as a health food.




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  2. but i would also like to add that we should always choose the chocolates that are from reputed brands. Cheap chocolates are usually low in chocolate solids and high in sugar content and saturated fats. and so these chocolates can be harmful to your health.

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