Chocolates—Does It Raise Spirits?

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Chocolates are the perfect things which can bring a big smile on your face. The depressed and tired workers and youths in love alike swear by it, as well as there are numerous strong physical and psychological reasons for this, admits Silke Restemeyer, a dietician. It is a fact that the chocolate has the capability to lift your spirits. They contain a lot of fat and tryptophan. These ingredients ensure that an augmented quantity of the neurotransmitter serotonin is generated in the brain and all this results in happiness. Tryptophan is a basic and most essential amino acid; also most of the individuals associate positive memories of your childhood with eating chocolates.

And this produces a warm sense in the mouth when it melts. This gives temporary distraction from your worries and stress. However this pleasure is for short duration as you cannot consume too much chocolate in order to have beneficial effect and neither should you consume more of it as they have high calories. One to two blocks of chocolate bar every day is perfect and acceptable and they help you in times of stress. However you must rather do in the absence of other snacks and sweets even without jam on the toast which you eat in the morning.

Nuts, dried fruits and fruit mixtures give high energy options for depressing moments in your personal life or at work. And one must consider cautiously the times when you really require chocolates. Other responses to some moments when you have craving for chocolate are during a calming cup of tea, taking a short brisk walk, or performing any relaxing exercises. So eating chocolates at these times can help you in dispelling the spirits and raise your mood.




  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Chocolate certainly lifts my spirits. My favorite is Guylian Belgian Chocolates—yummy, creamy hazelnut truffles!

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