Chronic Diseases Caused by Obesity on children

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Within the last couple of weeks, I have been visited by three parents who are stressing that their child doesn’t leave the couch, doesn’t exercise, keeps on eating junk food – in general becoming more obese day by day. Nowadays, childhood obesity is being considered as a common epidemic. Several studies have stated that almost one third child population in United States is getting overweight and one third is getting depressed. One can wonder what would happen with the rest. Many parents understand that obesity can cause other health problems but there are many who think that eating and lazing around is a part of the growing age and would cure overtime. Well, it might but there are 95 percent chances that they will develop other chronic diseases that can seriously affect their life’s quality.

The several chronic diseases that can be caused by obesity (I have personally seen many children with those diseases) includes:

  • One of the major issues that obese children can face at some point of their life is Type 2 diabetes. This form of diabetes doesn’t allow the body to produce or recognize insulin. This results to body not receiving the required energy and the high glucose can hurt the eyes, heart, kidneys and other organs.
  • Increase in the cholesterol levels (high cholesterol) can cause build up of plague in the arteries which sends less oxygenated blood to the heart.
  • Obesity in children can also cause joint problems which limit their already reduced physical activity and can also cause body pains. Joint pains are caused when the excess body weight puts pressure on hips, ankles, back, knees, bones and joints.
  • Another major chronic disease which can lead to fatal accidents is heart disease. It is seen that obese kids have a larger chances of developing a heart disease before they even touch 30. This can result in paralysis or even death before they get a chance to get to their middle ages.

One can certainly imagine what lack of exercise and overeating is doing to their child’s health and future.



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