Chronic fatigue treated in teens with web-based therapy

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Teens who suffer from chronic fatigue disease which generally results in poor memory and concentration along with muscle and joint pain, might be benefitted from a web based treatment called FITNET, a novel research ascertained. Researchers in Netherlands observed teenagers with the debilitating conditions and discovered that around 63% reported of having felt better after the web based therapy, as per a report which was published online in The Lancet. Teens were given electronic access to cognitive behavior therapy which displayed promising results for this particular age group. With the help of this FITNET, effectual treatment is sure for any adolescent who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome.

In the study 135 teens were assigned to the treatment of FITNET or standard therapy. They were also asked to answer the questionnaires given to them on how effective their treatment was and if it helped in improving their physical functioning, fatigue and self rated improvement. After the experiment the researchers found that 75% of the students who took FITNET has full school attendance and those who received standard therapy had only 16%. The authors say that the researchers should be appreciated on testing a novel way to deliver an already effectual treatment more effectively now. The objective of this therapy is to recognize how your thoughts have influence on your symptoms and stress.

These results emphasize the requirement for proper and prompt diagnosis and making medical experts cautious of adolescent chronic fatigue syndrome and the treatment options. This web based treatment has many merits like:

  • It is flexible with respect to time
  • Prevents face to face treatment barriers
  • Diminishes costs and treatment time.

FITNET presents a prompt accessible and highly effectual treatment for adolescents suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. The conclusions of this study verify implementation on a wider scale, the researchers reported.



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