Chronic Pancreatitis Treatment

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Treatment for chronic pancreatitis is directly related to patient symptoms. Most times, it is intense and persistent abdominal pain. For starters must give up alcohol. Exocrine pancreas function restored with a treatment based on pancreatic enzymes.

This excess fat in the faeces is synonymous with insufficient production of enzymes by the pancreas. This deficiency will be treated by drugs. It will also administer antacids to reduce stomach acidity.

Vitamin supplements are also recommended in the treatment of chronic pancreatitis. In more severe cases, the patient is fed intravenously.

If blood sugar is high, then you need treatment based on insulin. This is a sign of advanced diabetes.

- anemia;
- large cysts;
- obstructive jaundice (caused by an obstacle located on the bile ducts, preventing bile flow);
- diabetes mellitus;
- pancreatic cancer.

Therefore, patients must strictly follow the treatment prescribed by doctors to have a proper diet and definitively give up alcohol.

Pregnancy and chronic pancreatitis in pregnant women, chronic pancreatitis rarely agravates and treatment is the same, except for certain drugs that are not recommended during pregnancy.

In a few cases the task may be complicated by gestations (all pathological events occurring during pregnancy) and it may take up to 18 weeks.

When you go to the doctor? If you have these symptoms, you should go to a doctor:
- persistent abdominal pain;
- diarrhea accompanied by steatorrhea;
- noticeable weight loss in a short time.

Surgery – 50% of patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis should be subjected, sooner or later to surgery. This is required if:

1. Pain will not disapear after following an adequate diet.
2. Chronic inflammation of the pancreas and other organs(eg duodenum, bile duct – the channel through which bile flows into the duodenum), compromising their function;
3. Suspected malignant transformation.

Often this patient suffers from pancreatic pseudocysts. These include pancreatic secretion and can cause various symptoms, canceling the effect of treatment. These cases must be treated surgically.

Prevention To avoid chronic pancreatitis should primarily avoid alcohol and tobacco. Also be controlled and avoided fat diets. It recommends eating lean meat, fish, fresh cheese, milk, vegetables and fruits. It is, moreover, about a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle that can prevent not only chronic pancreatitis, but also other diseases.

Alternative methods in the first row refers to food recommendations. Some experts also recommend treatment based antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E and selenium.

Remember: do not receive any supplement or any medicine without consulting your doctor!



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