Cigarette Sales To Be Stopped Among Youngsters

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One of the leading causes of different preventable diseases is the rampant cigarette smoking not only in America but all over the world. It damages the body in a gradual and several manners.  Cigarettes contains almost 4, 000 chemicals in every stick but the most known that causes addiction is the nicotine. The sad fact is that almost 43 of these chemicals are found out to be carcinogenic or causes cancers to humans and are seriously dangerous. Producers didn’t actually include the list of these chemicals that’s why most of the consumers have no idea of this known deadly truth. Not only that because the list of harmful effects of cigarette smoking doesn’t ends there. Some of the related illnesses of this are heart disease, stroke, hypertension (high blood pressure), other diseases of blood vessels (such as poor circulation in the legs) and aortic aneurysms (potentially life-threatening disruptions in the wall of the aorta), respiratory illness like  chronic bronchitis, peptic ulcer disease and many more.

Because of the increase in number of teenage smokers, the US Food and Drug Administration inspectors had sent 1,200 warning letters to the foremost retailers together with the top stores CVS, Walgreen, Wal-Mart and Rite Aid, for selling cigarettes to children illegitimately. The federal public health agency conducted inspection of US tobacco product manufacturers last October for the first time.  Jay Carney, White House spokesman said that President Barack Obama, who fights against venerable smoking habit and to prevent and stop the young age to smoking, was “committed to protecting children from cigarettes”. He further said that “an aggressive inspection campaign and remind retailers of their legal responsibility to protect our children” was followed by the FDA letters.

“Most retail store owners follow the law and don’t sell cigarettes to kids, but we’re reminding those who don’t that they have a responsibility to follow the law and that there are serious consequences if they fail to do so,” Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius commented on the official White House blog. Stressing that “keeping tobacco out of the hands of minors can have a huge impact on our nation’s health now and in the future,” noting that 20 percent of US high school students smoke. “We know our campaign against tobacco is a ‘winnable battle,’” she supplemented.

Teen smoking rates have risen by almost a third within the last six years reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “I can always quit tomorrow” (or next month or next year) philosophy rules over the young smokers of today, probably ages 16 to 28. They also believe that dangers that every stick of cigarette has will just be puffed out in together with its smoke. Sad to say, they also assumes quitting cigarette smoking is easy but approximately only 16% were able to go through this kind of addiction.

President Obama’s administration insists in putting on graphic warning labels to every cigarette packs that was blocked by a federal judge few days ago. Carney said: “We are confident that Big Tobacco’s attempts to stop these warnings from going forward will ultimately fail.”




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