Cirrhosis Symptoms and Causes

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Cirrhosis Causes – Cirrhosis represents the final stage of any chronic liver disease and is due to the tendency of hepatocyte regeneration. What affected the liver may be a sudden and serious infection, as with acute hepatitis or may occur in a less dramatic, ie, after a period of several months or years as in the case of chronic active hepatitis, or obstruction in the liver.

Obstruction process occurs along with inflammation, scar tissue is formed. A similar situation is caused by obstruction of bile because of stones, scars, tumors or cases of birth.

Also, disease can be triggered by alcohol abuse, which also is the most common cause of cirrhosis. Blood and lymph circulation through the interior of a damaged liver is less efficient, so that the liver is likely to snap.

Other causes:

* Taking certain medications;
* Birth defects or chemical processes on the body;
* Syphilis;
* Passive congestion of the liver, because the heart can not accept the normal flow of blood from the liver or because of obstruction of one or more drainage systems of the liver.
* Infection of hepatitis B or C virus for a long time.
Because signs and symptoms can mimic other diseases, cirrhosis is diagnosed only in an advanced stage.

Cirrhosis Symptoms include:

* General weakness;
* A vague feeling that something is wrong;
* Loss of appetite;
* Weight loss;
* Loss of sexual interest.

Can also have: abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea consipatia and the tongue in malnourished patients may be inflamed.

Majority symptoms of cirrhosis are the result of high blood pressure in the vein that brings blood from the intestines to the liver.

In cirrhosis, the liver can not support normal blood flow, thus increasing the pressure in vein. One result is that blood is lost within the abdominal cavity, a condition called ascites.

Fluid may accumulate and may press on the diaphragm (the muscular wall that separates the chest abdomen) and intersects with breathing.

Collateral blood vessels leading to excess blood flow. Because of this bleeding can occur in the esophagus or stomach, small blood vessels “explode” after pressure.

Following this, the patient may vomit blood and bleeding can occur very strong, which is life threatening.

Other symptoms: enlarged spleen, and skin blemishes in the finger, small veins throughout the body surface, loss of hair on your chest or pubic area, itching of the skin on the hands and feet.




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