Cognitive Problems Maybe Due To Cancer Not Chemotherapy

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Cancer up to this date is still considered as one of the most common type of diseases which afflicts the general public. Men, women, children and elderly can have risk for the development of certain types of malignancies. For this reasons, many health care professionals and researchers had conducted certain studies in order to improve the treatment options available for those individuals who are actually suffering from cancer.

One of the most commonly known treatments for cancer is the chemotherapy which is combination of potent drugs that have an affinity to rapidly dividing cells. However, there are some reports that the use of chemotherapy among patients with cancer can bring certain cognitive issues such as memory deficits, and thinking abilities.

On the other hand, another study claimed that memory problems can be due to cancer itself not chemotherapy as a treatment. There were reports that those women who had survived breast cancer whether they were treated with chemotherapy or not had showed certain cognitive issues.

The new study involved the analysis and examination of data gathered from about 129 women who survived breast cancer. These study participants belong to the age group of 50 years on average. Half of these women who had breast cancer were treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, while the other half of these women only received radiation therapy as a treatment. The treatment lasted for about six months and then further tacking of the study participants were done after three years.

After the said time span, these women underwent series of tests which measure and gauge their cognitive abilities such as thinking and memory. In addition, researchers deemed to compare the results of the tests of these women who had cancer to about 184 women who never had cancer, but also underwent the same series of tests.

Researchers found out that out of the 5 memory tests conducted, about 2 tests revealed that there were significant difference with the scores of those women who had cancer as to those women who did not had cancer. However, on the remaining 3 tests, there were no noticeable differences between the scores of the two groups.

Moreover, researchers discovered that those cancer survivors after treatment had poorer scores in terms of the executive functioning tests which are composed of naming words which is starting of a specific letter. Although the causes are still left vague and unclear, women should ask consult from their doctors to rule out any possible causes.





  1. Just from self and other observation over the years, it appears there are so many factors that cause cognitive problems, -depression & anxiety about having cancer, medications, and yes perhaps the disease itself. I have seen older people who have had major surgery decline in cognitive functioning. Is it teh general anesthesia or the surgical stress on the body?

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