Colon cancer danger slashed by low dosage aspirin

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Low dosages of aspirin when taken on a daily basis and for an extended period of time lowers down the colorectal cancer cases by about a quarter and even the death toll by a third, as per a study conducted and published on the world wide web on 22nd October 2010 by The Lancet.

Out of the 14,033 patients from the age of 18 years since the study, about 391 of them suffered from colorectal cancer, as found out by the investigators. Consuming aspirin lowered the risk of getting cancer by 24% as well as that of dying by 35%.

High amounts of over the counter medication have also been found to prevent cancer prevailing in colon and rectum. Keen to determine whether low dosage can be protective and safe, the researchers followed 4 trails in Sweden and Britain that were conducted in 1980s or early 90s on cardiovascular effect of aspirin.

Colorectal cancer is in fact the second most common type of cancer faced in developed nations and has a lifetime risk of about 5%, as per the figures. The findings suggest that low dosage aspirin treatment for a long term along with sigmoidoscopy screening can substantially lower down the cancer cases in all parts of rectum and colon, as reported by Peter Rothwell, the professor and lead author at Oxford University’s Department of Clinical Neurology.

Further, aspirin is considered to be featured with preventive effect as it inhibits the enzyme known as COX2 that promotes proliferation of cell in case of colorectal tumors.



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