Colon Cleansing Pills: Are They Effective?

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Colon cleansing is a growing trend nowadays. Who wouldn’t want to get a toxin-free and healthy GI system? Probably no one—except if you want to die at an early age! Colon cleansing is very important because it is a process by which our body gets rid of the toxins and chemicals that it has acquired. You may wonder how our body gets these toxins and chemicals. Here are some reasons how we acquire those:

-          People who are very much into eating processed foods, especially those who consider eating at fast foods as their daily routines;

-          Those who drink too much and spend most a week’s mornings with a  head cracking hang-over;

-          People who are very much into meats and those who are not fans of a vegetarian lifestyle;

-          People who take drugs which can be harmful to the GI system and may leave toxins;

-          Predisposing diseases.

These are the common reasons why toxins enter our body and I won’t be surprised to see if some of you may have ticked the area beside the majority of these causes. Everything we place in our mouth may contain toxins—most especially if these are full of chemicals and if we are unsure how these are made. Thus colon cleansing is very important. Many researchers and physicians emphasize on the importance of colon cleansing especially after the age of forty. However, in as early as young adolescence, people should already start caring about their colons rather than suffer in the long run.

Types of Colon Cleansing Pills

Colon cleansing pills may come in different types and the most common form of colon cleansing pills are laxative pills and enema pills. Both of these pills will promote the excretion of waste and increases intestinal motility. Therefore, taking these colon cleansing pills will make you go back and forth to the toilet to defecate.  This will go on in the next 48 to 72 hours.

Important Things to Remember with Colon Cleansing Pills

Colon cleansing pills should be taken with the following precautions:

-          Do not take colon cleansing pills at work—not unless you want to get scolded by your boss by going to and fro the toilet. Colon cleansing pills will really make you defecate a lot and this will happen for days so be prepared.

-          Take enough fluids and electrolytes, be lavish on fresh fruits. When you pass stool, too much water and electrolytes may come along, too. To avoid dehydration and weakness, be sure to take in a lot of fluids, i.e. Gatorade, fruit juices and fresh fruits too.

-          Consult your doctor before engaging in any colon cleansing diet for safety measures.

Colon cleansing pills are relatively safe—however, this is not intended for long term use. Dependence to laxatives and colon cleansers may occur as a long term effect and the colon will lose its normal ability to cleanse itself. Use colon cleansing pills sparingly and with caution—and you are on your way to a cleaner and healthier GI tract.



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