Combination of Drugs Can Be Effective For Breast Cancer

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The constant battle of many individuals against cancer is still being forwarded by many health oriented organizations in order to show support and help these individuals be strong and bold to achieve survival from the said disease. One of the most common malignancies which affect the women populations is the breast cancer. Every day there are women going to their doctors to confide about the clinical signs and symptoms of breast cancer that they may be experiencing.

For this reason, many health care providers and researchers are making extensive efforts in studying the best treatment options which can actually help increase the survivability rate of women as far as breast cancer is concern.

Recently, a new U.S. Study claimed that the in treatment of a type of breast cancer which is associated with the hormone estrogen, the use of combination of two drugs can be better to achieve increase survivability rates among women as compared to the use of a single drug only.

The new study which began back in the year 2004 involves the analysis and examination of data gathered from about 707 women who are already considered postmenopausal. These study participants are suffering from a metastatic hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

Researchers allowed these women to take every day an oral dose of anastrozole, a medication which acts by inhibiting the production of estrogen which is link to the said type of breast cancer. In addition, researchers administered another medication to about half of the study participants.

The new medication is known as the fulvestrant and this was done every 28 days. Fulvestrant is a medication which acts by blocking the receptors for estrogen which signals cells to have an overgrowth.

These two drugs namely anastrozole and fulvestrant were both used as a treatment for breast cancer, however, these medications are administered separately from each other. After the phase III trial done by the researchers, they found out benefits of using a combination of drugs to treat breast cancer.

Moreover, in the trial, those women who were given with anastrozole alone survived for a about a median of 41.3 months. That is compared to those women who were given the combination of both drugs which survived for about a median 47.7 months.

According to lead study coordinator, Rita Mehta, of the University of California, Irvine, Medical Center, she said: “If we take away estrogen and the estrogen receptor, the two together should be better than just doing one at a time.”






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