Commercial Aids To Stop Snoring

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Snoring can be such a pain in the neck! Perhaps everyone will agree to that. The thing with snoring is that it not only affects the person who snores…moreover it affects the person who cannot sleep because of the snoring chants that one gives each single night. In fact, there are relationships which end because the partner sounds so horrible at night when he or she snores. Apart from relationship problems arising from snoring, one cannot properly fulfill his or her tasks the succeeding day due to lack of sleep.

Because of such problems associated with snoring, there are many remedies aimed at how to stop snoring at night. There are commercial remedies that one can employ to help himself or the partner learn how to stop snoring at night.

Anti-snoring Pills. These anti-snoring pills are made of natural herbs and enzymes that work by absorbing fluids and secretions that block your nasal cavity. When these secretions are kept from clogging your airways, snoring can be prevented. And while these pills may not guarantee a hundred per cent that your snoring will stop once you take these pills… these are worth trying. Who knows these might work out for you… and eventually save you and your relationship with your spouse?

Anti-snoring Sprays and Drops. These drops and sprays work just exactly like the anti-snoring pills. Anti-snoring sprays are sprayed into the nasal or oral cavity; while nasal drops are basically used in the nasal cavity. Many of these products are safe and in fact, these do not have any known side effects since these are all natural.

CPAP Machines. CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure is a device which one puts into his nose and mouth in order to keep the pressure inside the airway positive. This greatly stops the occurrence of snoring however the most known drawback why many people do not make use of this CPAP is because it is bulky and uncomfortable to use. Imagine all the tubes and masks connected to you and to the machine on the other end—it’s like you are inside an Intensive Care Unit.

Splints or Mouth-guards. These splints and mouth-guards are placed inside the mouth and prevents the throat tissues from sliding backward/ downward thus preventing snoring. The drawback with using this method is that our teeth are constantly moving even when we sleep. These movements may be interrupted with the use of mouth-guards at night. Also, excess salivation and mouth dryness are also common problems with using mouth-guards.

Learning how to stop snoring at night is possible through making use of these devices and herbal remedies. The best thing about these “how to stop snoring at night” devices is that there are no side effects unlike using drugs containing chemicals and formulas which may pose certain threats to our body. By making use of these devices and herbal preparations, learning how to stop snoring at night should not be a problem for you anymore—most especially to your room mate!





  1. I have sleep apnea and my girlfriend has developed a few tricks to getting a good times sleep beside me. First of all most people only snore when on their backs. So when I’m drifting off she will ask me (I never remember in the mornings) “Will you roll over?” And I usually do. If not, she gives me a ‘helping hand’ and rolls me on my side or sometimes stomach. In these two positions, I rarely snore. The only problem is I find it incredibly difficult to fall asleep initially on my side. So she must wait until I’m drifting off to do it. You can find loads of sleeping tips in the FREE ebook Get To Sleep Now! at For example, avoid drinking alcohol before bed as it seriously increases the volume of your snoring.

  2. I would like to share the anti snoring nasal spray I used call YSNORE. I bought this over the counter and also because it is all natural using ginger and yam root with no known side effects since thousands of years. I stopped snoring every night before bedtime I spray on both mu nostrils. The wife is happy and sleeping well agian. See more at Hope it will help others too.

  3. Natasha says:

    Another possible ‘cure’ to try -and that I can recommend from experience- is the SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece. It is a mouthguard that basically acts like a splint and works by basically holding the lower jaw in a slightly more forward position. This shift ensures that the throat remains open while you sleep, ensuring that air flows through freely and therefore eliminating the vibrations we know as snoring! It did take some getting used to-but I found that after about three days I was able to wear the mouthpiece throughout the night…and get a better night’s sleep! And what is even better is that the SnoreMeds’ brand offers a smaller size that is perfect for smaller sized mouths -like mine!

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