Common beauty mistakes

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1. Overview

There are various ways through which everyday mistakes that could be made when a person cares can be straightened. Skin needs change with age so it will be necessary to change the way how a woman wears makeup.

Beauty ritual is important for every woman interested in her external appearance. Sometimes makeup mistakes and personal care are aging or adversely affect the appearance of a woman.


1. Overview
2. Common beauty mistakes

2. Common beauty mistakes

- Apply conditioner throughout the hair – Most people who use conditioner are used to apply it just like the shampoo throughout the hair. However, the hair root is much healthier than hair tips that could be damaged. Besides the fact that the balm is wasted, this product may cause oily hair. Appropriate would be to apply conditioner only on the tip of the hair. In this way the hair will have volume and should not be washed too often.

- Apply foundation without giving enough time for the moisturizers to get into the skin – A makeup moisturizer can cause thinning, stains and restriction of range of foundation. Appropriate would be to wait for 60 seconds until your moisturizer penetrates the skin or, if you are in a hurry, clean the face with a tissue and then you can apply your foundation.

- Spraying perfume on clothes – perfume may stain fabrics, fibers and in contact with them, the smell may change. Perfume was designed to be applied to the skin, where it will interact with body heat. Appropriate would be to apply the perfume on your skin, joints, neck or behind the ear lobe, before dressing. Do not rub your wrists: after this gesture will break down the molecular structure of the perfume and the smell will be changed considerably.

- Plucking eyebrows too close to the mirror – When a person is focused on plucking some small hairs will not take into consideration the overall shape of the eyebrows. The result will be: thin and uneven eyebrows. Appropriate would be to find a large mirror, which will be placed near a window. Then you take a step back. The eyebrows will be plucked according to face shape and size. Then is time to move closer to the mirror and start rewarding. Occasionally make a step back after pulling a few hairs to check your eyebrows symmetry.

- Neglecting the neck skin – When a woman maintains her face skin with various cosmetic products, she should pay attention to the neck skin too, considering that this is more sensitive and thinner than on the face, being prone to changes in pigment, elasticity, texture and even wrinkles. Appropriate would be to apply sunscreen including the neck skin and even the chest skin. It is not necessary to buy a special neck cream, because that that acts beneficial for the skin should give the same benefits for the neck skin.

- Use moisturizers to soften puffy eyes – A salty foods diet, among other reasons, can cause fluid retention around the eyes. It is important not to apply the cream around the eyes. Moisturizing ingredients will retain water in the skin so the moisturizer and the eye cream will increase puffy eyes. Indicated would be (if the skin around the eyes is swollen but it is not red, irritated or itchy) to apply a cold compress or an ice pack for 10-15 minutes. As useful would be a gentle eye gel that contains caffeine. If the eye is swollen, red, irritated and itching occurs, see a dermatologist.

- Bath or shower until the skin gets ‘squeaky’ – Sound can be satisfying, but it indicates that the natural oils of the skin that protect the skin and hair were removed by washing. Appropriate would be to use gentle products and limit bath or shower time to 10 minutes or less. Water should not be hot but warm.

- Stains as a result of excessive use of medicines – excessive administration of treatments that contain acids that penetrate the skin to remove blackheads or acne can cause burning, redness, irritation, etc. Appropriate would be to follow the prospectus and instructions for using the drug. The prospectus most likely specifies to use the drug once or twice a day. Avoid dry skin.

- Uneven application of the foundation – In many women’s case you can see the foundation that stops just along the jaw line. Foundation can sometimes be a little too close to the skin pigment. Appropriate would be to use a tinted moisturizer or a foundation spray. Apply only a small amount on makeup sponge in areas that need coverage. By doing this, your skin will look more natural and will be no longer busy.

- Excessive use of blush – Many people underestimates the effect of female blush and uses it even on the eyelids. Blush applied with a large brush, in moderation, on the cheeks shines in a pleasant way. For light skin is recommended pink or light red blush, while for tanned skin is indicated to use peach tones. Still, keep in mind that is indicated to not use too much: the idea is to have a delicate splash of color on the cheeks. The bronzer will only be applied to areas that naturally receive more color from the sun, such as cheekbones. Avoid using too much blush, because it might seem as dirty skin instead of being shiny.



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