Computer vs. Television: Which Strikes the Heart Most?

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Taking care of the heart should also be a priority in the everyday living that every individual has, just like work, play and other concerns that are always on top of our list. Ironically, people always tend to get busy nowadays disregarding often times the health. However, health is the very capital that every person has; a decline in the health may mean decline of everything as well. So for the changing world, it is necessary to pay particular attention to our health and health concerns.

The heart is the small muscular organ that pumps every second of the day just to provide the body with its needed nutrients, chemicals and other substances. It never gets tired of keeping the body alive. It also serves as the source of force of the blood to clean the body and take off wastes product. Sad to say, there are many kinds of heart diseases that are empowered by the kind of life that people are living. Sedentary kind of lifestyle plays a role in developing certain heart ailments, like formation of atherosclerosis (plaque build-up in the blood vessels that can clog the heart), hypertensive heart disease and the likes.

The School of Kinesiology and Health Studies conducted a study comparing the detrimental effects of merely watching television and using computers in connection with heart’s wellness. The mentioned two activities are sedentary in nature and require low energy expenditure. Also, in times of leisure and rest days, these are near to unavoidable situation that everyone engaged into. The study concluded that watching television posts more harm in health than spending time in front of the computer. This is due to (1), smaller energy is consumed in watching television than in computer usage because of the simple explainable event that people tends to just sit and uses one hand to hold the remote control, unlike in using a computer unit that both hands are in use with the mouse and the keyboard, (2) the resulting case of the above mentioned situation leads to additional habit while watching television; these includes eating sweets or salty foods using the free hand while relaxing focusing on the television. In connection with this, metabolic illnesses can develop like obesity, diabetes and of course, heart ailments.

Valerie Carson, one of the scientists who are the proponents of the research (published at the Medicalnewstoday, Monday (11/21/2011)), explained that the lesson that this simple research wants to imply is for the future health of children engaging with sedentary activities most of the day. She added that as much as possible, activities like watching television and computer usage in a day to day basis should be avoided or kept to minimal to protect not only the heart but also the other parts of the body.



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