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Condoms are considered a barrier to conception. There are condoms for men and condoms for women. Male condom is shaped like a tube, being elastic (latex often), closed at one end. This applies to the penis before intercourse debut.

The female condom is a polyurethane sheath with one flexible ring at each end. With the closed end is inserted into the vagina and the open where the ring will be positioned outside the vagina.


1. Overview
2. How do condoms work?
3. Advantages and disadvantages of using condoms
4. Protection against STDs

How do condoms work?

Condoms act as a barrier by collecting semen during and after the man ejaculates. This prevents sperm from reaching inside the vagina thus preventing fertilization. Condoms also block the transmission of sexual diseases by excluding direct contact with partner’s skin.

Advantages of condoms for men
- Convenient and easy to obtain
- Cheap
- Requires no prescription
- Can be used with other contraceptive methods
- Are disposable
- Helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases

In addition, men and women, often argue that some parties have more satisfying sex when using condoms.

Advantages and disadvantages of condom use

- Can stop sperm contact with vaginal tissue of women. This can reduce the chance that a woman’s body to produce antibodies against sperm (causing infertility).
- Helps prevent premature ejaculation and can help to maintain an erection. Since condom external compression of the penis veins, it may be helpful for men who have trouble maintaining an erection.

- Some people believe that condoms diminish sensation
- A small percentage of men are unable to maintain an erection after condom was put
- Sometimes sexual arousal may be lost when sex play is interrupted for condom application
- Friction caused by the condom may reduce stimulation in women which can make sex less enjoyable or comfortable. Lubricated condoms can prevent this problem
- Some men are stressed by the use of condoms
- Some men may feel pressure trying to maintain an erection and the condom on the penis
- Planning is required to have condoms already prepared in anticipation of sex
- 1-2% of women and men are allergic to latex condoms. In this case, the couple can use condoms made of polyurethane or lambskin condoms (natural).

Protection against STDs

Most male condoms are made of latex. Those made from lambskin offers less protection against STDs, including HIV / AIDS, so it is recommended to use latex condoms.

For those who may have allergic reactions to latex, condoms made of polyurethane are available for both women and men. When used properly, latex condoms and plastic are effective against most STDs.



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