Constipation know the cause and find the cure

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As doctors have established, constipation means an infrequent elimination of the bowels, less than three times a week which is made with difficulty. Also, the stool is said do become hard and dry.

I have given you this small definition so that you can see what constipation really means. A lot of people panic if they don’t have a stool every day and complain about suffering of constipation. The elimination of the bowels is done in a particular way for every human organism. Some people go out daily, others go only once at a two days interval. And this depends also on their lifestyle and eating habits. But is definitely not constipation, as the definition says.

Knowing what the causes of constipation are will most likely lead you to finding a treatment for it. Most frequent constipation occurs due to bad habits people have and due to an irregular lifestyle they adopt.

1. The lack of water in the organism will lead to a dry, hard stool that is difficult to eliminate from the body. It is not enough drinking a cup of tea in the morning and eating a soup in the afternoon and then at dinner drinking another glass of juice or mineral water. Doctors recommend that we drink daily 2 liters of water. Pay attention to coffee intake as coffee is known to dehydrate the human body. Always keep a bottle of water in your purse and drink it whenever you feel thirsty, especially in the summer time.
2. Eat more fibers. As fibers are not digested by our organism, they will contribute to the movement of the bowel, acting like a cleansing agent for the colon. More fibers added to your diet means an ease to the defecation process.

3. Do not restrain yourself from hard foods thinking they are the cause of your constipation. Hard foods usually contain fibers, so try not to neglect them from your diet.

4. Pregnancy is another cause for constipation. During those nine months of pregnancy certain hormones are being secreted more than usual in the woman’s body. They are responsible for the installation of constipation. The solution would be drinking plenty of water, so that the stool does not get too dry and hard.

5. The lack of exercising. People who sit all day long on a chair and then go home in their car (not on foot) and then sit in another chair are most likely to develop constipation. The lack of exercising will make your bowel movements decrease, your intestines will become lazier and this is not good news for you. Try to take a walk for 20 minutes daily, or exercise in the morning for 15 minutes, as your body needs physical activity desperately.

6. Pay attention to your daily medication. You should look on the prospect or consult with your regular doctor about the pills you take as some of them might be the cause of your constipation.

Constipation is a real problem to people, but as long as they make small changes in their diet and lifestyle there should not be any impediment in getting rid of this affection.




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