Consultations of Individuals with Acute Kidney Injury, Infrequent

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The idea of going to a medical health care professional to seek for medical advises and recommendations should be considered by those individuals who are already starting to feel that there seemed to be a problem in their body. Early recognition of the signs and symptoms of the disease can forward a better treatment outcome and prognosis as compared to the detection of the disease where it is already in its far advance stage, which necessitates complex treatment options.

It is important to consult individuals who are experts in the field of medicine to determine any abnormality in the body. Besides, it is better to know whether an individual is actually suffering from an alteration in his body or not, unlike pretending that something is indeed fine. However, there are certain individuals who are not going to their doctors even though they are already aware that something is wrong with their health.

Recently, according to a new study, there are many Americans who are not visiting kidney specialists even though they are already experiencing symptoms of acute kidney injury and these symptoms seemed not getting any better. The findings of the study appears in the news release from the American Society of Nephrology.

The new study involved the assessment and examination of data gathered from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. In the study, researchers analyzed data from about 3,929 individuals who survived from acute kidney injuries which progress to a decline in kidney function for about a month after the injury. These study participants were admitted in a hospital dated back between January 2003 and December 2008.

The researchers followed up these patients for about 1 year and found out that about 22 per cent of the study participants had died, and about 8.5 per cent of those patients were actually consulted to kidney specialists which recommend the start of dialysis. These patients had an improvement in the functions of their kidney to a certain extent before they died.

Moreover, the researchers noted that the degree of severity of the kidney injuries that these patients had did not have a bearing on the referral of these patients to the kidney specialists. According to Dr. Michael Matheny, of the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System Veterans Administration, he said: “This study shows that only a minority of patients who do not recover their kidney function after an [acute kidney injury] event are seen by a kidney specialist, highlighting an important opportunity for a more integrated approach in maintaining the kidney health of these patients.”





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