Consuming Berries May Slow Down Brain Decline

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Females who consume plenty of strawberries and blueberries face slower Brian decline with those females who did not eat these fruits which are rich in flavonoid. On the basis of a survey of more than 16000 females who answered the regular questionnaires regarding their health habits from the year 1976 to the year 2001, the results displayed that those individuals who consumed more berries have reduced cognitive decline by 2.7 years. Each 2 years from 1995 to 2001, the researchers calculated the intellectual function in the subjects who fell in the age bracket of 70 years, as per the research printed in the periodical annals of Neurology.

The researchers say that they render first epidemiologic proof that the berries might slow the progression of intellectual decline in elderly females, says a doctor Elizabeth Devore from Brigham & women Hospital as well as the Harvard Medical School in Boston.

Berries consumption is a simple dietary:

The results have prominent public health influence as augmenting berry consumption is a simple and fair dietary change to evaluate the protection of brain in elder adults. The researcher further adds that the results are of specific significance to the ageing populace which is increasing. The figure of Americans aging 65 or above increased from 15% in the years 2000-2012, as per the US census data.

Robert Graham, who is an internist at the Lenox Hill Hospital of New York who was not engaged in the research, reports that eating maximum berries either blue-berries or strawberries is an excellent alternative for individuals of any age. Large epidemiological researchers like this one add to the initial science study that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant features of berries which have advantageous role in any age concerning cognitive decline.



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